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The imagination of nature is culturally determined and mirrors our relationship to the landscape around us - and, not least, the benefit and joy that connect us with it.

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Sørup is a small farm where I have turned a conventional grown field into my interpretation of nature.

On the website  Fugle og Natur is a  registrant under construction by the name of location Smutigennem.

During som years my friend Jørn Skeldahl and I have travelled making photoregistrations of butterflies and orchids.

The natur photographer Jørn Skeldahl, Cordulegaster boltonii.

Click on the photo and see more at Flickr .


Here you can click and see examples of especially lepidoptera and orchids from the photo tours.

As a member of  Akademiraadets Landskabsudvalg I have contributed to statements that can be read at the website of Akademiraadet.


Furthermore Landskabsudvalget stands behind several tematic releases.



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